How do you know when someone posts about you, your company, products, or services now?!

Automated Web Monitoring Fundamentally Changes Marketing

This new technology has wide spread implications for businesses in all industries. If you are a dentist, plumber, real-estate agent, doctor, electrician, restaurant, or any other business you will be impacted. Instead of traditional advertising where businesses market trying to get customers to reach out to the business, businesses in your industry will be using this new reputation management and marketing tool to find the customers and are able to be responsive to their needs with a proactive needs based approach.

By automatically monitoring communications on the Internet businesses are enabled to respond managing the business reputation and adding the ability to reach out to customers precisely when the customer needs the products or services offered.

With customers and prospects posting their life happenings all over the Internet, businesses using this new automated technology can find the posts that contain the keyword phrases they have chosen and be instantly notified. They get notified when anyone posts about the company or expresses an interest or need for the products or services offered.

Each industry knows the words the perfect prospect might include in a post. With this new automated web monitoring technology businesses are able to instantly go to that prospects post and are able to be responsive to their needs with a proactive customer needs based approach.

The just in time marketing approach reaches the customer right when they need you. Your business in responding to the clients own words. This allows the business to direct the prospect towards your company, products and services at exactly the right time. This helps meet their prospects needs as their need arises. You will often be reaching out to your prospects prior to them searching for any company or service provider.

This automated web monitoring system fundamentally changes marketing. No longer does your company have to only wait for a customer to look for them and call to request the products or services or spend tons of money on reputation management. This provides a huge advantage over the companies in your industry that follow only the old model of marketing. The companies that do not use this new automated web monitoring system will eventually fall behind.

Currently most companies in your industry are likely without the automated web monitoring tool. They are in the dark when someone posts about them, posts about life events, expresses an interest or need for their products or services. Those in your industry using this new automated web monitoring system will beat them to clients before they ever look for a phone number to call any other company.

Business success is often about taking advantage of opportunities to give yourself the advantage in your market. The best part is that the cost of this tool is in reach of any business and even individual sales person. I highly recommend you setup your automated web monitoring system and learn about how easy this is before your competitors do.


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